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Height: 115 feet.
Wing Span: 80 feet.
Top Speed: 15,000 miles per hour.
Motive Power: Ramjet turbo jet turbines,
High performance sustainer rockets,
booster rockets.
Fuel:  Atomic power provides main drive power, rocket propellant turbo jet fuel.
Thunderbird 1, the spearhead craft of International Rescue, is piloted by Scott Tracy. 115 feet long and bearing a wing span of 80 feet, Thunderbird 1 is sleek and fast with a top speed in excess of 15,000 miles per hour. Though armed and carrying its own rescue equipment aboard, the principal role of Thunderbird 1 is to get to the danger zone as soon as possible, enabling Scott to assess the situation, advise on specialist equipment required and then direct the rescue operation. Scott can then oversee the rescue either from on board Thunderbird 1 or from the Mobile Control Console which forms an essential part of his equipment. Motive power: Ram jets, turbo jet turbines, high-performance sustainer rockets, booster rockets. Fuel: Atomic power provides main drive power, rocket propellant, turbo jet fuel.

Height: 60 feet.
Wing Span: 180 feet.
Top Speed: 5,000 miles per hour.
Piloted By : Virgil Tracy 
Specialized Equipment:  A giant transporter carrying all the rescue gear with forward-mounted grabs, magnetic clamps and a winch-mounted escape module
Thunderbird 2, piloted by Virgil Tracy, is the freighter that carries all of International Rescue's ingenious heavy engineering equipment. With a maximum flying speed of 5,000 miles per hour, Thunderbird 2 is 250 feet long, has a wing span of 180 feet and stands 60 feet high. The centre section of the vehicle carries one of a selection of six pods, each housing the many different specialised rescue machines used by the International Rescue team: primarily Thunderbird 4, the Mole and the Firefly. Though much slower and heavier than Thunderbird 1, Thunderbird 2 is often at the heart of the main action in the danger zone. Motive power: Booster and take-off rockets, turbo jets, ramjet turbines. Fuel: Atomic pile, rocket fuel.

Height: 287 feet.
Escape Velocity: 25,000 miles per hour.
Piloted By : Alan Tracy 
Specialized Equipment:  A safety beam generator, space location scanners and astro rescue suits. 
Thunderbird 3 is International Rescue's space rocket piloted by astronaut Alan Tracy. TB3 is the tallest vehicle in the International Rescue fleet, measuring 287 feet in height. Launched from its concealed hanger beneath the Tracy Island Round House, the rocket is used for all space rescues and also acts as a link to Thunderbird 5. The basic crew requirement is two usually meaning Scott will accompany Alan as co-pilot. Motive Power: Atomic electricity generators provide power for particle accelerators, chemical rockets fed by helium-pressurised rocket propellant. Fuel: Atomic pile provides main drive power, rocket fuel.

Height: 30 feet.
Max. Speed: Classified
Piloted By : Gordon Tracy 
Specialized Equipment:  Laser cutting gear, hydraulic rams, undersea demolition missiles and hoverjets for emergency runway launch.
Thunderbird 4, piloted by aquanaut Gordon Tracy, is a 30 feet long underwater and sea surface craft. Although much smaller than the other Thunderbirds vehicles and with a limited range, TB4 nonetheless plays a vital role in any underwater rescue operations. Thunderbird 4 is usually carried to and from the danger zone aboard Pod 4, one of the six pods carried by Thunderbird 2. If required, however, the submarine does have hover jets fitted for travelling short distances across land to reach the water under its own power. Highly manoeuvrable, TB4 is one of the fastest known craft on or under the sea. Motive Power: Six drive turbines, surface drive jets. Fuel: Atomic generators provide motive power for main drive. Smaller nuclear pile at the rear operates auxiliaries and superheats air for surface propulsion jet engines.

Piloted By : John Tracy (cover from Alan Tracy)
Specialized Equipment:  Plasma-cored meteor deflector, electromagnetic anti-radar baffles and Star-fix geo-stationary orbit maintainance system.
Thunderbird 5 is International Rescue's space station and the heart of the organisation's communications network. Maintained in a secret geostationary orbit high above the Earth, John Tracy and his younger brother Alan take turns to man this satellite staying aboard for a month at a time. Between them, they maintain a constant vigil across the globe. Through the use of sophisticated monitoring equipment they are able to hear every radio transmission being broadcast with special filters attuned to messages of distress in any language. Power: Atomic batteries power entire life support system and all on-board equipment.

Code Name: THE MOLE
(Thunderbird 2 Pod Vehicle)
Weight: 30 Tons 
Piloted By : Scott & Virgil Tracy
Specialized Equipment:  C30/1 drill bit which can cut through any known metal or rock. Huge caterpillar tracks on its side propel the vehicle down its own bore hole.

International Rescue requires many additional machines and vehicles to help in specialised danger zone situations. Of these, the Mole - an incredible drilling machine - is one of the most spectacular. Weighing 30 tons, it is powered by engines that are supplied by fuel from an on-board nuclear reactor. The Mole is ferried to the danger zone aboard one of the Thunderbird 2 pods and then carried by its own tracked vehicle to the drilling site. Once at the location, the Mole is tilted for vertical drilling with its C30/1 drill bit, which can cut through any known metal or rock. Usually driven by either Virgil or Scott, the Mole also has room aboard for disaster victims. Caterpillar tracks on its side propel the Mole down its own bore hole. This allows the vehicle to return to the surface in reverse once the rescue operation has been completed. 

Code Name: FAB 1 
Top Speed : 200+ miles per hour
Piloted By : Parker with Lady Penelope
Specialized Equipment:  A radiator-mounted cannon and twin sniper-sighted machine guns at the front, combined with rear-mounted harpoons, smoke-screen generators and dual cannons. For sea missions a Vortex-Aquajet hydrofoil can be activated.
FAB 1 is a striking pink Rolls Royce owned by Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward and driven by the inimitable Parker. Outwardly, FAB 1 is simply a powerful, sophisticated six-wheeled vehicle only beneath the highly-polished exterior is a veritable armoury of tricks. From smoke bombs to machine guns, booster jets to hydrofoils, FAB 1 has it all!

Name: Scott Tracy
Born: 4th April 2039
IR Duties: Pilot Thunderbird 1
Named After: Astronaut Scott Carpenter
Special achievement: Decorated for bravery in the US Air Force.
Personal Profile: Quick-thinking and determined, Scott is always the first to arrive at the danger zone to decide which craft is required for a rescue mission.  
The eldest of Jeff Tracy's sons, Scott Tracy is 26 years old, born on April 4th, 2039. Educated at Yale and Oxford Universities, Scott was decorated for valour during his service with the US Air Force before joining International Rescue. Fast talking and quick-thinking, Scott pilots Thunderbird 1, International Rescue's rocket-powered reconnaissance plane with a speed of 15,000 miles per hour. As well as brains, brawn, daring and drive, Scott has the confidence to make instant decisions backed by a fierce determination and unfaltering bravery. Always the first to arrive at the danger zone, Scott assesses the situation and quickly determines which special rescue equipment will be required for the task at hand. His complete lack of arrogance enables him to assist his brothers in even the most menial of tasks. In addition to his Thunderbird 1 duties, Scott often co-pilots Thunderbird 3 with his brother Alan and whenever his father Jeff is absent, Scott's seniority places him in command of the island headquarters.

Name: John Tracy
Born: 8 October 2040
IR Duties: Space Monitor Thunderbird 5
Named After: Astronaut John Glenn
Special achievements: Electronics expert with a degree in laser communication. John has written several books about astronomy.
Personal profile: The quietest and most intellectual of the Tracy brothers, John is the first point of communication to co-ordinate for International Rescue.
Born on October 8th, 2040, 25 year old John Tracy was educated at Harvard and followed in his father's footsteps to become an astronaut prior to his involvement with International Rescue. An electronics expert with a degree in laser communication, John is the quietest and most intellectual of the Tracy brothers. Slighter in build than his siblings, he is tremendously lithe and graceful. As space monitor for International Rescue, stationed aboard the massive space satellite Thunderbird 5, John has ample time on his hands to indulge his favourite pastime astronomy. Four astronomy and outer space text books have been published bearing his name and his incessant space searching led to the discovery of the Tracy quasar system.

Name: Virgil Tracy
Born: 15 August 2041
IR Duties: Pilot Thunderbird 2
Named After: Astronaut Virgil Grissom
Special achievements: Graduated from the Denver School of Advanced Technology, gifted artist and pianist.
Personal profile: The most serious of the Tracy brothers, mature and level-headed with an artistic side.
The most serious of the Tracy brothers, Virgil is a mere 24 years old. Born on August 15th, 2041, Virgil possesses a demeanour and maturity well beyond his years. An accomplished graduate of the Denver School of Advanced Technology, his mechanical dexterity makes him the ideal pilot of Thunderbird 2, International Rescue's heavy rescue transporter. Like his brothers, Virgil never places technology above human needs - even if it means placing his own life in danger. As a result, Virgil is always on hand taking part in virtually every daring situation in which International Rescue is involved. Fearless and with an iron resolve, Virgil is also a complex young man who combines physical strength with his gentler side as a gifted artist and pianist.

Name: Gordon Tracy
Born: 14 February 2043
IR Duties: Pilot Thunderbird 4
Named After: Astronaut Gordon Cooper
Special achievements: Olympic swimming champion and expert oceanographer
Personal profile: Rock-steady nerves and determination have gained him respect as a member of International Rescue. He is also good-natured and high-spirited.
Born on February 14th, 2043, Gordon Tracy is a 22 year old who revels in all water sports, from skin-diving to water-skiing. A highly-trained aquanaut with stints in the Submarine Service and the World Aquanaut Security Patrol under his belt, Gordon is an expert oceanographer and the designer of a unique underwater breathing apparatus, which he has modified and improved for International Rescue. As the pilot of Thunderbird 4, Gordon commands the world's most advanced and versatile one-man submarine. Good-natured and high-spirited, he possesses a strength and tenacity that make him a respected leader and commander. He is also one of the world's fastest freestyle swimmers and is a past Olympic champion at the butterfly stroke.

Name: Alan Tracy
Born: 12 March 2044
IR Duties: Pilot Thunderbird 3
Named After: Astronaut Alan Shepherd
Special achievement: Champion racing-car driver.
Personal profile: Alan is the practical joker of the family with a caring and deeply romantic side. He is romantically linked with Tin-Tin
Born on March 12th, 2044, Alan Tracy is 21 years old. Caring and romantic, he has a love of motor-racing and was a champion driver prior to becoming the pilot of Thunderbird 3, International Rescue's massive space rocket. The blond-haired, baby-faced astronaut is utterly dedicated to International Rescue, meeting his tremendous responsibilities with a maturity that belies his years. Yet there are times when his father still sees him as the college student whose rocket experiments went haywire and accordingly treats him like a wayward schoolboy. Educated at Colorado University, Alan is a great sportsman and practical joker. However, he is not without his quiet side and likes nothing better than to explore the rocks and potholes located in the more inaccessible points of Tracy Island. Apart from piloting Thunderbird 3, Alan also assists his brother John by taking turns at manning the Thunderbird 5 space station.

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